These times calls for a new way of leadership. It's no longer enough just to focus on turnover and earnings. The past has shown us that how we live and do business in the world today does not lead to substainibility, fairness and healty growth.


So open your eyes. Don't be blind anymore. Let your voice be heard. ​We - artists from all around Denmark - are starting a new movement "The Tinfoil Agenda" where we will discuss and visualize through Tee's and Talks that maybe we could live, work and love in another way. 
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Open your mind

A Tee and and a Talk won't change the world...but we have to start somewhere

Be part of the discussion. Don't be silent. We have to be the change - we have to make a difference.

​We have not got time to wait any longer..
If you think the economy is more important than the environment,
try holding your breath while counting your money.."